About Us

Zen-living.org was created to bring you information and tools to help you develop yourself and positively transform your life and that of the people around you.

Theory and practice combined

Reading up on a subject is really important, but we believe that (self) development can only happen when information is combined with practice. Well informed action is what can really promote positive change.

That’s why every one of our theory posts is linked to resources that will help you bring into your life what you have learned. Here you will find:

  • Concepts and guides about personal development and healthy, balanced living.
  • Inspiration to get you motivated
  • Simple practices that you can start already today,
  • Products specially selected to support your development journey.

By developing ourselves, we develop our society

As we develop ourselves, we invariably realize that we are all connected to the people around us and to our environment. This means that as we learn and improve ourselves, the whole world improves with us.

Developing our lives is a continuous and amazing process.We encourage you to explore, learn and discover new paths. And of course, always remember to enjoy the journey!

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