10 vídeos (TED talks) sobre mindfulness e os seus benefícios

Vivemos em uma época de constante distração. Smartphones, TV, anúncios... sempre há algo disputando nossa atenção e nos bombardeando com ...
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10 TED talks on meditation to help you slow down and focus on the moment

In a world that moves in an increasingly faster pace, sometimes all we need is to stop for a little ...
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30 days gratitude challenge

Expressing gratitude is a simple gesture, but one that can bring amazing benefits to our lives and to our communities! ...
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A complete guide to biophilia and to how nature impacts our wellbeing

It's no secret that most people love contact with nature. But recent studies are showing that this natural connection can ...
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10 vídeos (TED talks) sobre biofilia, design biofílico, e sobre como tornar nossas cidades mais verdes

A hipótese da biofilia sugere que as pessoas têm uma tendência natural a buscar conexões com a natureza. Nos vídeos ...
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flower field gratitude

33 of the best gratitude quotes to inspire you to be more thankful

Whether by evoking a heartfelt "thank you", helping us appreciate what we have, or making us focus on good things, ...
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Thank you

7 day Challenge – Saying thank you

How often do we forget to thank people properly for all they do for us? This week, add some extra ...
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a gratitude symbol: flower and cairn on moss

10 inspiring TED talks about gratitude

What better way to learn about the power of gratitude than directly from specialists in the field? Watch the TED ...
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sunset gratitude feeling

A complete guide to gratitude + how to make your own gratitude journal

Did you know that gratitude is among the psychological traits with highest impact on our wellbeing? Learn everything you always ...
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book or journal on table with coffee cup

A complete guide to journaling – and how to start a journal today

Lately, journaling has been gaining a lot of popularity as a tool for personal development. And there are very good ...
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buddha meditating statue

How to meditate – a step by step guide

If you have heard of meditation, then you have also heard of its many benefits for personal development and  promoting a ...
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tai chi on beach for personal development

Increase your emotional awareness and develop your EQ

It might sound a bit strange, but quite often we are not aware of our own feelings. Think about it, ...
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gratitude feeling: footsteps on sand

Should we enjoy our lives as it is or constantly try to improve it?

Nowadays we hear a lot about personal development. People say we should constantly improve ourselves and be the best person we ...
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meditating by sunset to increase self awareness

What is self awareness and why is it important

In today’s interconnected world, we can easily use our smartphones to communicate with dozens of people every day. Yet, we ...
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